OrBSydia Network Update


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OrBSydia Network Update
We've moved OrBSydia onto a new fresh network server streamlined a number of processes under the hood and currently putting it back together. We're changing our network to be invite only however if you are interesting in joining feel free to use our contact us forum to be considered. We will be adding a number of core members and development team members early. While we work on the site. We've opted to do this vs just leaving the site locked forever cause of crazy spam in the past and we feel this makes it possible for users to register via friends of friends and we hope cuts down on automated spam bots etc.

As usual this network is split into a few parts, one being gaming & gaming fan site groups and the other related to the art of gaming aka game modding and level design etc etc. While we do regular updates of this site over the years the focus of the site has always had a general goal. We hope these changes will improve on that vision for those that use our network and call it home. We are looking at adding legacy content for previous games which will be announced in future. As always this site wouldn't be this site if it wasn't subject to change regularly and as such all aspects of this network from gaming, game servers, fan sites, gaming guild and online family are purely a creative outlet.

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