Oculus Rift Head + 3 Sensors


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As of last xmas I picked up an Oculus Rift Headset with 3 sensors, my overall impression was it's pretty awesome other than my computer while supposed to be VR ready when I bought it ended up being a few cpu's levels off what the recommended spec is. However I was able to get it working and even with that said. If you have never tried VR or seen it nothing can really prepare you for the experience. It's pretty amazing, the graphics on my system were also amazing. I can only imagine what it looks like on fully loaded systems.

I've got a number of games for it via the Oculus Store and via steam each was fun however till I get a better system I have the gear packed up for now. There is now the oculus Go and oculus Quest which doesn't require a computer but that also means shelling out more pennies.

I think VR has a little ways to go but I think my overall experience with this gear is pretty positive. The only annoyance was not being able to dismiss the fact my CPU wasn't up to spec as my video card is more than up to spec. Another thing with VR is similar to sailing the open ocean you need time to find your VR Sea Legs. Meaning that things like motion sickness, jumping and flying in the environment with out killing your self is a spot in it's self. It really messes in an interesting way your RL senses.

I think the ultimate VR experience would be to have an Omni Treadmill, Teslasuit, Oculus / HTC Vive Pro, and there is new gear that makes it possible to touch in your environment. It will be interesting to see the direction all this gear and technology goes on.