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Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Survive in a savage world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies in brutal combat and epic warfare.
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How to Connect To OrBSydia // Exiles Server


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How to Connect To OrBSydia // Exiles Server
This is how to get setup on our game server for Conan

1) You will need to have steam installed on your computer with a steam account:

Create A Steam Account / Login you have one!

2) First make sure you own the game: (Costs $39.99 usd) which you buy via steam / gift.

Below are the mods need to connect to our game server, the first thin you should do is load the game with out steam via the game icon, goto your graphics settings change them to full screen windows mode. Then goto the list of mods below and subscribe to them via the steam workshop.

Once your subscribed close and reload steam this should download each mod to your conan exiles mods photos on your computer. Once this is done then you can login to the game via the game exe and goto the mods folder and make sure each mod is added in the same order as the screen-shots below. The left image is your mods folder the right image is the order on server which is the same. Note the test.pak is the shaved female mod for example.

This is the order we have the mods on our server. You can subscribe the mods here via your steam on console in workshop or via the web following the following links. After login into your account on steam.

Mods on Server Now!

IMMERSE RP & Building Decor | MOD ID: 1394768794

Pippi | Mod ID: 880454836

Emberlight | Mod ID: 1369802940

CharEditLite | Mod ID: 1366358141

Pythagoras | Mod ID: 880177231

LTs Farming | Mod ID: 1210390760

Kerozard's Paragon Leveling | Mod ID: 1386650198

Less Building Placement Restrictions | Mod ID: 1369743238

Mods Off Server (Needs Update)!

Glass Constructions | Mod ID: 901911361

ConanEmpire | Mod ID: 1293269126

LTs Compass | Mod ID: 1185321962

Once your subscribed to these mods you need to load the client once first from the game icon once the game is loaded you will see the screenshot below.
Once you have these mods selected you can hit the back button and the game will ask you to restart the game. This is where you click the link below to load the game via steam this time.

Server Info: steam://connect/ & server password, contact athayus for password

Above you load the link above via your web browser this will open your steam client with a spot to add a password: you would add your password and then wait for the game to load. when you get back to the loading screen:

Just wait a moment for it to redirect and connect you to our server provided you put in the correct password. If all goes well and you install the mods correctly you should be able to make a character and we'll see you in world :D

If you ever need to login to menu and want to get back to the server we are on the PVE servers and our server should show up with battle eye. Click Play Online then choose pve then conan exile server ours should be at the top of the list you can mark it as favoured as well.

Then left click and click join. If you have issues with mods or not being able to get on just reply below or shoot me an im and we'll get you sorted out.

OrBSydia // CE Team!