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This is an image of our new member send invite system built into OrBSydia.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had in the past with OrBSydia is spam and not the type we like to eat if you like eating spam more power to you 😉 Anyway with a number of my sites spam has gotten so bad that I’ve had to literally lock the ability to register on the sites and manually create accounts for users that would like an account.

This can be a very time-consuming process especially if other users want to invite friends. So I’ve done my best to add various filter systems to the site. Including contact pages and posting etc that can auto-filter spam a little, it’s not a perfect system but it’s something.

With that said back in the early days of OrBSydia another issue I had to deal with was spam account creation and AI bots and agencies have gotten a lot better while I was setting up this site before locking down comments to registered users only on the post, I’d had from the moment of rebuilding the site over 125 spam emails. And back in the day, I used to get 2500 account spam signups on the fly within a few hours. This is a pain to clean up and wastes a lot of time.

So with that said I’ve opted to make OrBSydia invite-only. While this isn’t a perfect solution it does make it easier to throttle the mentioned dilemma I’ve been faced with.

So how do you join OrBSydia if you want to be part of our network?

If you were a member of our network in the past you can use our contact us page and request to become a beta tester of the site and after a short chat, I’ll set up an account for you depending on that conversation and agreeing to the site terms of service and privacy information. If you are a new member please also use the contact form, once your account is made you’ll have systems on the site to invite friends which is a smooth process.

Once you have an account you’ll be able to invite trusted friends to join the site via name & email account. And the site will send them an email with a special link to bypass the systems locked for registration here.

How soon can I join the OrBSydia network again?

Currently, the OrBSydia Network is in development I’ll be pulling in core team members then inviting a few beta testers to help make sure everything is running smoothly before kicking the dominos over for more users to be invited which can then invite more users etc. I’m shooting for some time in the new year for the site to open via the invite system. If you really want early access please use the contact us form at the bottom of the site.

Let me know who you were in our community before, which games you played and some basic refresher info and I’ll get you sorted out.

Any invites sent by members can be managed on this page within your profile.

In the screenshot above you’ll be able to manage those you invite to our network, based on your account type you’ll be able to choose to invite members based on a similar type which the OrBSydia network will adapt to the user experience type you’ve been invited to participate in.

Currently, there are 5 Account types on OrBSydia, this is subject to change and or be tweaked as needed. Which includes. Founder Account, Core Team Account, Avatar Account (Virtual Users), Gamer Account and Creator Account.

The structure of an account type will define a few cosmetic changes to the site based on which account type you have an example if your account is based on your Avatar then your birthday will be listed as your Rezday. If you have a gamer account and create a group it will be classed as a guild or clan. If you are a creator your account will be based on your virtual store or game/project you have in development.

Based on member feedback once OrBSydia is more active more account types will be added. From day one OrBSydia has always been a friendly fair community we have basic rules to help with the growth and health of our community.

Currently, at the time of this post, this network is in Development and currently not adding new members, but once I am ready I’ll set up our new accounts then start the beta test for the site. Thank you for your patients and looking forward to seeing new and old friends join our network!

Athayus Quan 😀

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