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Image Sizes

With my previous sites, one of the most ask questions members ask for is what are the image sizes for things like cover images, profile images, group logos, etc. So to make your life easier I’m listing that information here. Please also note that when you edit or go to your profile settings and go to change your avatar or profile photo & cover image it will also now show the recommended image size respectively.

Layout ElementImage Dimensions
Profile Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Group Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Forum Cover1300 x 225px or larger
Profile Avatarminimum 170 x 170px
Group Avatarminimum 170 x 170px
Forum Avatarminimum 170 x 170px

Note: For group cover images on the Groups Directory (Grid View), the viewable area of the image is 450 x 225px.

File types can be jpg or png  (Mostly preferred since they experience less compression, and are displayed with better quality (less pixelated))

If you have any further questions feel free to send me a private message. ~Athayus Quan

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