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Legends of Aria

Discover a world forged by players, where your choices write the story. From seasoned Mage to ambitious Warrior, from adventurous Treasure Hunter to skilled Blacksmith, choose your path and experience Legends of Aria on your own terms.

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Legends of Aria is a sandbox MMORPG with a living, breathing world defined and shaped by its player community. It is a world of dangers where bonds are forged -- and broken -- by players writing their own stories.

Legends of Aria is a sandbox fantasy MMORPG that returns to a true skill-based system, so you can build your character your way. There are no levels to grind through - hone your abilities by practicing your choice of over 30 unique skills, be you a crafter, a monster slayer, or an adventurer.

Explore a true open world without limitation. Build, explore, and adventure with thousands of players in a world defined by you. Join forces with a friendly guild, swear allegiance to an ancient faction, or set out on your own personal quest for glory.

Put your skills to the test against ancient gods, great dragons, roaming enemies - and your fellow players. Legends of Aria is a game where players create the content, whether that content starts out as a violent vendetta against an enemy guild or an arduous trek through the perilous wilderness.

Much of the game world is safe from the harsh life of open PVP, but lawless regions still exist - and in those areas, anything goes. You might uncover untold treasures out there, but are you willing to take the risk?

Claim a plot, purchase a blueprint, and gather building materials to create a home of your own. Use items found throughout the world, or craft specialty items, to customize your house and stand apart from your neighbors. Set up a shop to profit off items you’ve crafted or found during your travels.