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One of the issues I’ve had in some of my other social sites which we’ve resolved here is the question of user consent for group Invites. You generally have two types of users those that want to be added to everything and they don’t care the more the merrier, then you have users who get offended if they are invited to a group without their consent.

Account Privacy Setting for Group Invites

To resolve this issue we have set up a system in our network where when members first join or at any time they can opt to restrict group invites from anyone who is not on their connections (friends list). Via your Account Settings.

So what is a connection?

In OrBSydia our new setup, we have three types of followers: “non-followers”, “Followers” & “Connections”. Think of Followers as anyone following your account cause they want updates on what you are doing kinda like acquaintances and yes you can block people and or set permissions to what content followers can see or not see or be blocked from seeing.

“Connections” are more personal types of followers and could be classed as guild & clanmates, friends, business partners, relationships, associates, etc. When making posts for content on your profile or in your group you can choose who can read what aka Only You if you working on a story or information you don’t want the public to read till you complete it.

Public & or All Members, the difference being that public anyone registered or not can see the information or follower or not. Once OrBSydia goes live however the only information that non-registers use will be able to see is groups that are made public. Which will have a few basic site rules to follow for posting that type of content. All members refer to all registered users provided their permissions are set to see that type of content.

For example, if you post to all members on your profile only people following you will see that information, not the entire site. If your group is public and you post in it all members that follow your group will see that information in their activity feed.

There is also a method to make posts that only your followers can see and also only your connections can see. So users have quite a lot of control over how content is posted. Please note that if you block someone or they block you you won’t be able to see any content they post anywhere on the site. We also don’t put up with stocking or harassment of any type on this network to staff or members.

What other privacy settings are there?

The above screenshot is currently in development.

The OrBSydia network has extensive privacy & moderation settings throughout the website which are set up in a way that you can truly customize the experience between yourself and other members some data you may want on-site but only for yourself, the public, followers, or only connections. Also, everything on our network can be locked down for those of you that don’t like social but like to lurk 😉 May you don’t want to be invited to groups or only groups of your choosing based on your connections no problem we got you covered.

I’ve done my best to set up systems in such a way that introverts and extroverts can co-exist as far as our gaming network goes. 😀 Again as this is a community we can further tweak systems and settings to find that perfect balance for everyone. And if you for whatever reason you don’t like our network or others you can delete your account.

Group Permission Types:

One other setting which I won’t go into two deep here is Group Types: Public, Private & Hidden. They also affect how visible they are on the site and or to non-registered users or not and how that information shows up for both registered and non-registered-registered users.

It’s possible to not see information from a public group as a registered member while being a non-registered member being able to see any public content posted by a public group. Again basic site rules for public groups will be listed in the future. I’ll write a separate article on how our group systems work and set up for those. Learning from Social VR and other sites in our network groups & pages are combined and we have a much better walkthrough system for creating them than our other networks. More on that later!


Athayus Quan

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