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On the OrBSydia network, we value members’ privacy, but we also value the privacy members have between each other and we take spam seriously. In a previous blog post, I talk more about privacy and group invites. Aka being able to opt-out of automatically being invited to groups after a user creates a group.

So the next step in this setup is for members on how to handle private message spam or messages. So when you first join the site you’ll have a new account role of Member. Which you can then change your account type based on your use of this network aka as a Creator / Developer, Gamer, or Avatar Account.

While this network is in development information posted in blog posts is subject to change while working on ways to streamline systems in ways I hope members will find useful.

Work in progress!
You can check on your connections tab in your profile and request to accept or ignore connection invites.

One of the systems on our network is called Connections and it is similar to a follower only more personal/professional relationship aka friends, business partners, etc. And that is called a Connection.

When members first join the site they won’t be able to message any other users unless they first create a connection with that user. That said the users have the option to accept or decline/block. This doesn’t mean users can’t communicate with each other. However, does mean that private messaging is reserved for those you are connected with aka that you know.

Please note: as site administrator and founder of this network I’m able to message anyone connected or not. But for all other users, the rules apply. As I’ll need a way to support members easier if needed! and with administrative duties 😉

The are other means of communication, users can correspond with each other via the forums and groups and by following groups or members of interest to them. Also if a group is public it will be visible to search engines and non-registered users however users can’t post or respond or join public groups out without first creating a member account. If groups are private or hidden, then only invited members / registered users would be able to see the content of groups or similar information based on the end-users permission settings.

Anyway, this is just one more step in many systems here to help foster creative discussion while also giving a layer of privacy to members. When making posts as stated in previous blog posts, members can choose you can see what content is posted in profiles and or their groups based on their connection type. Public, Follower, Connected, or Only me aka You.

This system is open to discussion once registered and or fine-tuning and tweaking. The main thing is making sure users get the information that most interests them without being flooded with content that is not of interest. Side note: Non-Registered users can’t post comments on blogs or any site content without first creating a member account.

We also have systems in place to try and curb spam. So please remember when you register you follow any posted site rules and don’t spam! It’s one thing to talk about and share your passion in your group project you create and it’s another to list tons of content without actually taking part in the community.

We will have community-driven advertising systems for those that would like to share messages globally, based on the account profile type of user. I’ll post another article on how that will work.


Athayus Quan

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