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OrBSydia - The Art of Gaming!

OrBSydia - The Art of Gaming!

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OrBSydia is an online gaming and developer network . creative outlet for Athayus Quan aka (Admin Khaybel) As such this network is always being changed or updated in some way and probably driving the masses slowly insane over the last 22+ years. Sorry about that. I've just updated this sites back-end network as well as upgraded it to xenforo 2.0.0 yay.

The next goal is to get used to this new system, mod the heck out of the site and add some forums for chat relating to various games our guild / clan plays together as well as possible modding projects for various games. As for being able to register it's currently disabled while I set it up. Those that dare to register I will post information when that is possible. If anyone wants to get on the site to help beta test your more than welcome to use the contact us form at the bottom of the site.

I'll link of various systems as I get more familiar with this new platform. Cheers, Happy Holidays! Peace!

Athayus Quan