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OrBSydia - The Art of Gaming!


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I am currently building OrBSydia Network after a long break, I will work on brining back some resources for Ultima Online and other games and may have to build a legacy website in subdomain to pull data from old databases via vbulletin and old versions of the site this is a huge task and will be done over time.

I've made a number of mods for various games so will be including those on the site via our resource manager. In mean time updated the site to XF 2.0.2 and latest manager, as well as a few extra mods. We have gaming group / guild / legion / clan which this site is also being setup for as home and fan sites for those games. Aka the Art of Gaming for both playing and modding various games. I'm currently swamped with 3d design projects and other so check back over the next few weeks to see stuff. Once I feel the site is good for registrations I'll turn that on if I have something on site as I add mods you can't live with out use the contact us form on the site.