About OrBSydia, invite-only but free to join!

Because we care about the quality of the services and features that we offer!

We’ve set up this network to help members engage in a friendly professional community where creatives, gamers, virtual users, virtual business owners can get connected with you easier! Simply put OrBSydia is the Art of Gaming!

OrBSydia was founded by *Admin Khaybel* *Athayus Quan (AQ)* back in 1989 which is now owned and operated by our parent company; Realystic which is a high-quality media marketing and business solutions company, which also manages all backend services needed to run our OrBSydia Network & Services.

At Realystic we also operate our own in-house data center *rlx cloud* and game servers *orb network* & *AQ Networks* for our servers, networks, and websites including client websites and related support services.

OrBSydia has been my Labor of Love for the last 32 years+ as a creative outlet, with a focus on gaming, creating game fan pages, making dedicated gaming servers, game development. game mods and level design and now for the past few years been into indie game development and everything related to the Art of Gaming!

Athayus is also the owner and operator of AQ Originals which focuses on high-quality virtual business solutions, metaverse development, virtual fashion, and virtual asset development, as well virtual & augmented reality, NFT’s, virtual currency systems, crypto, and related social platforms including, Social VR, Pixel VR, Photo VR and other large virtual social networks with 100,000s of virtual members.

In 2018 development started on several indie game development projects on the unreal engine which is currently a work in progress and will have groups for discussion and development on the OrBSydia Network. As with our previous passion projects some of those projects will be coming back to OrBSydia as well as fan sites and related discussions for those games.

New forums are also planned for training and discussion related to various game development engines, 3d development and 2d Development tools, and related hobbyist interests. OrBSydia and Networks wouldn’t be here today without the support of its community no matter the platform or games we have all played in the past. So thank you!

I’m looking forward to seeing where OrBSydia’s Journey takes us in the new year!


Athayus Quan