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The Art of Gaming!

Just did some backend work to update web server. Been working on a number of projects behind the scenes. But relating to this site and sister websites. Again anyone that is interested in joining is free to use our contact us link at the bottom of the site. Currently the site is set to invite only to cut down on spam.
We've started building various projects as well as training etc on the Unity 5.5 Game Engine, as well learning and building with various terraforming engines related to that. The project will be using Java, C# as well as web languages. Currently there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The site is set as invite only however those wanting to join can use the contact us form on the site.

I'm doing this to help cut down on spam registrations on the site. Anyway for those that are members welcome to the site. Lots of hobbies and interests here between guild events and creative design and development.

Small Update, various core scripts updated to latest versions of systems, a bigger update is planned soon. Down time will be minimal and should not affect most users.
  • Cleaned up a number of forums
  • Hid a few games currently not actively being played, till can add content
  • Setting Up a Prefix system to help clean up professions and crafting support in aion forums here.
  • Will do similar for other games.
  • Added an update to gallery system, tweaking permissions
  • Temp Disabled Groups till I can finish CSS Improvements to Dark Styling.
Opened up the forums to make them easier to navigate and cleaned up games which I am still working on content for.

Added Creative Network last week for various tools we use, although we've been busy using those tools so haven't had much dialog to post in forums yet. but is on ta do list.

got some bug fixes for site core working through hope to have them sorted out soon. Added an admin debug system to help make improvements and custom changes to the site.
Our community has been around for nearly 27 years . The focus of the site is mostly as a creative outlet and community relating to the Art of Gaming! What this means is that our interests are based on both game mods, level design, Online Gaming and Sandbox related games.

Every aspect of this website is also a creative outlet and as normal is subject to change and be updated on a regular basis.

We've given the site a fresh update while we have number of projects going on behind the scenes.

Registrations - Currently Limited
Due to high spam registrations in past, OrBSydia only allows registrations by invitation. Feel free to use our contact us link below if you would like an account. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for a response. Also guild and server members make sure to contact your team group leaders for a one time registration invite link.

We'll post more information over time.

Athayus Quan